Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring meeting times

Lets plan on meeting at noon on Tuesdays this quarter. Room 161

Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch Cartoons- Get inspired- WORK ON YOUR FILM

Click ME

MAAAICASD Animated Short intro

How about we create short animations for our department???
15-20 seconds long. Here is the logo...
You can get an Illustrator file of the logo in the faculty inbox at school...

I:\Media Arts & Animation\Katsoff, Jason\anyone can put stuff here

In Toon with Tweens "Tween animation contest"

Here is a contest for you to pitch your ideas. It does require at least 1 professional job in the industry, but I wouldn't worry about that too much.
In Toon with Tweens

Lil Tutt the child king

Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration... Watch these shorts...

Click here to view the shorts from Gobelins on you tube

The Telly Awards...

The 31st annual Telly Awards (Competition)

Cartoon Digital Convention

The program and speakers for the upcoming Cartoon Digital event, set for April 20-22 in Spain, have been announced.

The topics for the event, which will be held in Santiago de Compostela, include:

• Developing and selling content for mobile applications

• Multi-platform interactive animated series

• Digital distribution in the on-demand world

• Kids’ properties and cross media planning

• Broadcasters’ digital strategies

• Animation studios and social networks

• Partnering with Google/YouTube

• The digital home

Speakers scheduled to attend this year include:

• Patrick Crowe, Director of Xenophile Media

• Jesse Cleverly, Creative Director at Connective Media

• Marc Buhaj, SVP of Original Programming at Walt Disney EMEA

• Carlos Biern, Executive VP-Co-productions & Distribution at BRB Internacional

• Genevieve Dexter, Commercial director at Cake Entertainment

• Chelo Loureiro and Carlos Fern├índez, Continental Producciones

• Maria C. Ferreras, Strategic Partners at Google/YouTube

• Florence Le Borgne-Bachschmidt, Head of TV & Digital Content Business Unit at IDATE

• Bertram Gugel, Blogger and Head of Gugelproductions

• David Curry, Director at Le Singe Media

• Nicol├ís Amado, Regional Sales Director for Brightcove

The full brochure with registration form can be downloaded from

The deadline for registration is April 5.

Harry's Short... My SoCal Life (let me know what you think)

Main Character: "Jaws" 5 year old Grom, raised in SoCal
Supporting Characters...
"Pike Whitey" Friend, Transplant from OHIO. (Voice of reason)
"LBB" Lil' Big Boy (Friend) Loves Rap
"Da Hype" Hype Man. Sidekick to LBB
"DJ Stripes" Tabby Cat, DJ

Pike Whitey moves to SoCal. Meets Jaws and the surreal life non SoCal people perceive SoCal to be.

Copyright 2010 Harry Hamernik

Please send me links to current animation or film competitions...

11 second club link....

Here is the link for the current 11 second club due on March 31st..


If you post here, you will be critiqued

Be sure to post your ideas, character designs, storyboards, anamatics, animations, and footage to this blog. If you post it, we well critique and comment on it.

This quarter, I will be available noon-1PM on Fridays in Room 265 for 1 on 1 critiques..

1st thing to do...

Please email me with your idea, script, or thumbnail. Also send me your 6 month production schedule and a list of all your team members(if any).

The race has begun...

We are off, The target for the 1st Bi-Annual Harry Shorts Film festival has been set for Saturday August 28th, 2010.

Submission deadline is Saturday August 21st at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Film festival announcements

I will post a list and directory of film festivals in the near future. Please forward any contest, animation, and film festival information to Harry Hamernik at

Why ???

Stage 2 will be the announcement of our first bi-annual local film festival. We will have a film watching event on a Saturday night approximatly 6 months from this date. All attending will vote and the winning short film will be reviewed by Mike Disa. and hopefully other producers, directors, and recruiters.

First meeting March 12, 2010 Room 265

Our first meeting will be ...
Friday March 12, 2010
12:15- 12:45 PM
Room 265

Please bring your email address and film ideas.

Established 3-5-2010

This blog is intended for individuals who are in the process of creating a short fim.

To create and submit short films to film festivals.

Films must be at least 15 seconds long but no longer than 3 minutes.

The blog is where all members can post their production schedules and work in progress for all to critique.

A target film festival is also required.